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Ann DeLuca

Ann DeLuca

Directrice chez Stepping Stone Coaching and Consulting

Ann DeLuca is a Women's Confidence Coach; a Certified Coach through Co-Active Training Institute (CTI); a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner; and a Certified Resilience Coach with The Leadership Wellness Group. Ann is also a three time published author, recently (2024) adding “The Confidence Recipe” to her list of books. Prior to transitioning to the coaching world, Ann had a successful 20+ year career in the pharmaceutical industry on the clinical side of the businesses and as a result, Ann is well aware of how important it is to show up with CONFIDENCE! Ann is passionate about helping her clients hear their own voice, tap into their own strengths and capabilities and show up with confidence, especially in situations where there is no “do over.” Ann offers small group workshops to “Connect with Your Confidence” specifically geared towards women. These workshops are intended to create a safe space for women to connect with their confidence and walk away with actionable tips they can implement immediately. Ann's a regular human being just like everyone else with fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities. She also has a lot of courage, a really positive mindset and is constantly listening for the “nudges” of her heart and gut and heeding them when they come. She's been described as “grounded, real and optimistic.” It just so happens that this is what her clients, friends and family appreciate about her—her “realness.” Ann's motto for life has pretty much always been "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Take chances... take a leap, see what happens. Does it always work out? Hell no! However, Ann will tell you that she has few regrets and it often DOES work out and sometimes way better than you could ever imagine.

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