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Audrey Couture

Audrey Couture

Chef d'équipe stratégique depuis plus de 15 ans. Coach en gestion.

Audrey started her career as a scientist, until she was promoted early on to a management role. She embraced her leadership responsibility and discovered a passion for leading, developing, and mobilizing people. She feels grateful for having had the chance to help teams from quality, regulatory and business development, from US and Canada, in the natural health product, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to set their vision, reach strategic objectives and progress both individually and collectively. Her dearest values are Growth mindset, Humility, Authenticity and Fun.

As a growth-minded person, she holds two Master Degrees and completed an ICF-certified Professional Coaching Program at the Transformational Coaching Academy ACTin International, to make the world a better place, one new, better leader at a time.

As a 15+ years strategic team leader, Audrey strongly believes in tapping into people’s strengths so they bring their best to the team and business. With her coachees, she creates a safe place to reflect, think outside of the box, take risk, be vulnerable, and grow their comfort zone.

As a coach, Audrey works with managers and team leaders from all backgrounds looking to improve their leadership and their team’s performance. Whether you are an aspiring team leader, a newly appointed one, an experienced manager transiting from management to leadership or entering a new role or a new industry, Audrey will help you reach your full potential more effectively by bringing out your natural strengths, gaining clarity on your goals and aspirations, and shining a light on the path ahead.

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