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Brianne Ligori

Brianne Ligori

En mission pour aider les femmes à vivre en harmonie avec leur raison d’être et à s’épanouir dans leur vie personnelle et professionnelle.

Brianne Ligori is a former corporate leader, ICF Master Certified Coach, entrepreneur, and author. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Leader Coach Intensive (LCI), the Founder of TGIToday™, and a Leadership Coach at the Women’s Leadership Intensive. Through her work at LCI she has helped develop countless leaders into the coach they have always wanted to be. Her work at TGIToday™ is focused on using her revolutionary method, the TGIToday™ formula, to help people across the world find more joy and fulfillment in their lives. Brianne spent over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry in various roles such as sales, training, marketing, and leadership development. Brianne is also a member of the Executive Leadership Team at the Women Leaders in Pharma.

Brianne’s area of strength in coaching are women’s leadership, defining your leadership brand, development planning, developing coaching skills, leading millennials and Gen Z, uncovering and living in alignment with your purpose, and creating a more fulfilling work life.

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