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Year End Reflection

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Henry Ford

As the year comes to an end, I like to send a list of questions to my coachees which gives them an opportunity to pause and reflect on the 12 months behind and plan forward with intention for the year to come. One of our greatest opportunities for growth and change is in reflecting on the lessons of our past.

A year end reflection can help to position yourself to have an increased understanding and awareness of the past in order to be more mindful and intentional in the choices you make and the life you lead for the upcoming year. It is also a chance to celebrate your accomplishments, remember the challenges you faced and acknowledge what you are grateful for.

I started this exercise several years back, when concluding a tough year and making a promise to myself that next year will not be the same as this year. It put me in a head space of being more deliberate about how my habits, behaviours and mindset needed to be. By the end of the year, I truly felt as though I had made strides on the path to self development.

To assist you with your reflection exercise, let’s start by looking back in order to plan ahead

1. What went well in 2022? Let’s start with a simple question. We tend to easily forget the good and hold on to the negative. What were some wins? What are you proud of? Take stock of what went well and celebrate (small or big victories). Cheers to that!

2. What habits, behaviours or beliefs do you need to let go off from 2022? I like this question because there is always something holding us back that can be let go of, whether they are behaviours, habits, beliefs or even people.

3. What are you taking away from 2022? What did the year teach you? Reflect on what events, experiences, accomplishments, or failures that defined 2022?

Now, lets chart the course ahead for a great year

1. What is one area in your life you want to evolve in the year ahead? What will you commit to improving or learning? What experiences and knowledge will you gain? Visualize yourself at the end of 2023 and think of who you want to be or how have you grown?

2. What are your goals or intentions for 2023? Consider all facets of your life – career, personal, physical, mental, emotional, other. Get specific about goals that can provide focus, direction, a sense of purpose, and energizes you. What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year and how do you want to look or feel?

3. Whose support do you want or need in 2023? We all need a little help sometimes to get to where we want to go, so invest in new or old relationships. Make a commitment to find meaningful and authentic ways to connect with those important to you.

4. What's your mantra for 2023? It can be one or few words. The idea is focused on a word or theme that will guide your actions or remind you what you want to embrace. Create a mantra statement and let it be your anchor for the year ahead: 2023 will be the year of _________.

Your personal development largely depends on you, so lay the groundwork to succeed with some thoughtful year-end reflection. Grab a nice glass of wine and take the time to reminisce on the past year and plan with clarity for the year to come!



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