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Tools for Finding a Better Pace

Do you ever look at your to-do list and think, “That’s a lot!” and wonder how you will ever get it done? Or maybe you even feel like you live on a giant never-ending treadmill that just never turns off.

Let’s face it, we are all way too busy, right?

At the same time, there is so much pressure on us to perform at work, care for our families, get to the gym, and taxi kids around – honestly, it’s easy to start feeling like a passenger in our own lives.

How about you? Does the Pace of your days feel a little unmanageable sometimes? You may even feel like you can’t keep your head above water some days. I am with you; as working women, our days are busy! And honestly, one of the most common challenges people ask me about is finding a more manageable Pace for their days.

So, here’s a quick tool to help you start creating a better pace for your day.

  1. Write down all your tasks for a typical day.

  2. Once you have your daily task list, review it and circle each “should do” (you know, that thing you are doing to make someone else happy.)

  3. Get a little ruthless and strike off at least one thing from that “should do” list.

That process is a simple but effective way to start creating a more manageable pace for your day. Although it may seem easier said than done, I promise if you try it once, it will get easier each time!

You may think, “There is no way I can axe any of my should-do’s!” I 100% get it – it’s a simple fact that not all “should do’s” can be deleted from our lives. If this is the case for you, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve a better Pace even if you can’t axe any of your “shoulds”:

Tip 1: Shift the way you look at things.

Instead of seeing something as a terrible task (like me with admin work!), shift the way you look at it to something a little bigger picture. E.g., Change “this is boring, I hate it” to “this is actually an important part of my day that allows me to run my business or be successful in another area.”

Tip 2: Show Up as your Full Self And finally, if there is something that you just have to do, you can shift how you show up for that task – to bring more of your authentic self forward. For me, this was global marketing presentations – I didn’t love them. They felt dry and serious, and it really messed with my energy. So, I decided not to be boring and dry and to show up as me – with a big smile and excited energy. You will be surprised how much this can shift things!

As always, I am here to support you in finding more joy in your life and at work, and in the spirit of that, here is a free guided meditation that will help you step off the treadmill and into a more peaceful pace.

If you are looking for support in finding a manageable pace, more fulfillment in what you do, want to help your team do the same or perhaps are looking to become a certified coach yourself, I am here for you. Contact me anytime here.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,



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