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An Ideal Day with Angelina Brathwaite

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A WLP Interview

At Women Leaders in Pharma, we had the opportunity for a quick sit down with Angelina Brathwaite, a member of our Board of Directors. A Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Leader at Brunel North Americas, Angelina is focused on employment solutions in the life science sector. She has a personal passion for mentoring, equality, and a desire to help women reach their full potential.

We wanted to learn from Angelina what might make up a perfect workday for her.

How does a good day start for you?

With sunshine. Maybe without an alarm clock. A perfect cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast and ideally some exercise. Boxing kept me physically active when I was younger, and I continue to participate recreationally today. I feel a sense of equilibrium in the ring, as I am not thinking of anything else – I don’t want to be knocked out. Boxing has built in me a sense of discipline, tenacity and focus, all skills that have translated well in my own leadership development and which I bring to my role at Women Leaders in Pharma.

How are you feeling?

For me, a perfect day is one in which I feel healthy and in a good frame of mind. It’s also knowing I have made someone happy or that I had an impact on creating equality.

Tell us more about your desire to have an impact on creating equality.

I am passionate about equality and if there were anything I could change in this imperfect world it would be to transform it in this direction. This transformation could lead to less economic disparity and gender discrimination, and people would feel less threatened. This passion has driven my involvement in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts both in my job and in my volunteer work.

How might your perfect day end?

A delicious dinner with fascinating guests, like Mother Theresa. She showed us the real meaning of charity, and a genuine desire to serve others. She had no interest in her appearance or physical presence but focused on selfless dedication and what needed to be done. Nelson Mandela is another inspirational leader I would choose as a dinner partner. He is among the people I admire most as he was a champion for change and equality.

If you would like to hear more about Angelina as one of our many senior leaders empowering others at Women Leaders in Pharma – and helping us all have more perfect days – visit and become a member.



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