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Shine Bright

Women Leaders in Pharma Awards

Prix Femmes Leaders en Pharma

Women Leaders in Pharma is an association whose main objective is to create a safe environment for women to empower women.


Through the Shine Bright awards, Women Leaders in Pharma recognizes volunteers, individuals, associations, and companies who, through their actions, have supported Women Leaders in Pharma’s mission.



  • For volunteer and individual categories, no self-nominations will be allowed.

  • For associations and companies, anyone can nominate, including a person working, consulting, contracting or volunteering for the nominated company or association.

  • Please consider obtaining an individual’s permission before submitting a nomination.

  • Nominations will close on July 5, 2024 at 11:59PM EDT.

  • All nominees will be contacted by phone or email by July 10, 2024 at 11:59PM EDT at the latest.

  • Qualifying nominations will be announced by August 28, 2024 at the latest.


Judging & Gala

  • The judging process will be conducted from mid-April until July 10, 2024.

  • The judges will be announced on Women Leaders in Pharma’s LinkedIn page.

  • Each nomination will be evaluated by three judges, and evaluations will be conducted in a blind manner; names of people, programs, and companies will be standardized prior to being submitted to the judges.

  • No judge will be evaluating submissions pertaining to the company they currently work for, their colleagues, or the association they are affiliated with.

  • To recognize those who have been nominated as well as award winners, the Shine Bright Awards Gala will take place in Montreal and Toronto on November 21, 2024.


Nomination Guidelines

The elements of a strong submission are as follow:
  • The nominee clearly meets the requirements for the award category to which they have been nominated.

  • The primary focus should be on women's empowerment.

  • There will be an appropriate consideration of national and/or international involvements, however they will not substitute for the local involvements.

  • Indicate how this person or organization has made a difference by citing tangible and quantifiable examples of how the nominee's actions have made a difference.

  • Provide evidence of the nominee's dedication, innovation, creativity, and vision, as well as how he or she inspires and motivates others.

  • Your nominee should be able to generate excitement and enthusiasm from your audience.

  • Share an inspirational story or anecdotal information; be descriptive.

  • It is important to focus on ongoing activities and overall efforts.

  • You should submit the nomination as though the judging panel does not know your nominee—they may not!

The more specific and detailed you can be, the better.



It is very important that you carefully read the criteria for the category that you are choosing.


You have 200 words per question at your disposal, so make the most of them!


If you can, have others read your nomination and make suggestions. It should paint a story about your nominee.

Categories at a Glance

We are pleased to announce that submissions period for the
2024 Shine Bright Women Leaders in Pharma Awards is now open.
This year's categories are:

Women Leaders in Pharma Volunteers


*criteria: must be a member and have volunteered for a minimum of 12 months

Excellence in Leadership

The Leadership Award for recognizes Women Leaders in Pharma volunteers who embody the true essence of leadership by inspiring a shared vision.

These volunteers have the ability to create a unique and ideal image of what WLP can achieve, inspiring and enabling others through collaboration, trust, and recognition of individual contributions. They set the standard for excellence and lead by example, serving as an inspiration to others.

To be eligible for this award, the nominees must have demonstrated initiative, promoted a respectful work environment, and encouraged creativity through collaboration. Let us celebrate the women who are dedicated to making a positive impact in WLP and inspiring others to do the same.

Excellence in Collaboration & Teamwork

The Collaboration and Teamwork Award recognizes Women Leaders in Pharma volunteers who demonstrate excellence in collaboration by working effectively with others to produce positive results.

This award celebrates the ability to establish effective partnerships and to solicit diverse views and build consensus in decision-making. It highlights the importance of effective relationships and collaboration within and across teams and committees to tackle pressing issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

The judging criteria assess the degree of commitment, complexity, and active listening skills demonstrated by nominees. Successful collaboration requires individual self-awareness and emotionally based social skills to acknowledge all viewpoints.


Excellence in

The Excellence in Mentorship Award recognizes individuals who provide mentorship and make a significant impact on their mentee(s).

There is a sustained track record of success for these mentors. They have excelled in mentoring individuals in order to help them achieve their career goals through moral, social, and intellectual support. The mentors assisted the mentee in the development of ideas in a constructive manner, investing their intellectual capital in the service of the mentee.

In addition to helping the mentee develop a professional network, mentors also invested their own social capital in the service of their mentees. Mentors invest their energy into the service of mentees genuinely caring about their wellbeing and development.

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Award celebrates individuals whose work encompasses a sustained focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our nominees’ work is innovative, exemplary, and represents best practices in DEI. They have gone above and beyond their job duties in terms of scale and quantity of work. The nominees have registered tangible results and positive outcomes to stakeholders.

Their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has made a significant impact on our industry, and they serve as a role model for others to follow.

Excellence in Allyship

The Excellence in Allyship award recognizes exceptional individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing women's careers and promoting equality and equity for women.

They show solidarity and understanding for their female counterparts and beyond.

They work to raise awareness around male privilege in the workplace, and stand beside women as their equals by being active participants—and encouraging others to engage—in the conversation around gender equality in the workplace and work to challenge the ‘norm’.

Lifetime Contribution

This Lifetime Contribution Award celebrates individuals’ long-term emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the nominees have demonstrated a track record of achievements, community involvement, and professional growth.

The nominees are women who are known for their positive influence and competent abilities. Their work is innovative, exemplary, and represents best practices that serve as a model for other individuals or groups.

These nominees' efforts have led other women to progress into positions of leadership.

Excellence in
Innovation & Creativity

The Excellence in Innovation and Creativity Award honours the individuals who have demonstrated outstanding creativity and innovation in their work.

They have an innate ability for generating new ideas, techniques, and solutions with practical applications. They are agile and respond positively to changing technologies, demographics, and attitudes, inspiring others to embrace new beginnings.

They possess a fearless spirit and are not afraid to challenge themselves and others in a positive way, promoting and trying new ideas that lead to bold new ways of supporting women in their organizations.

Rising Star

The Rising Star Award celebrates the potential of young women. They must be at an early- to mid-stage career working in the industry, with 10 years or less in the profession and have already demonstrated exceptional leadership.

It honours emerging leaders aged 18–30 who have shown continuity and exceptional growth in their contribution, as well as increased responsibility and sphere of influence. The nominees, though not yet senior- or chief-level positions, have exhibited a strong career trajectory, which suggests the possibility of forward advancement and appointment at the highest levels.

Must be aged younger than 31 as of January 1 of nomination year.

Excellence in Leadership

The Excellence in Leadership Award recognizes bold and well-known women executives who have made significant contributions to women leadership and played a major role in advancing women in the industry.

Our nominees have a proven record of growth, success, and influence. They provide leadership to their team that is impactful, effective, motivational, and consistent and provide an equitable working environment for all team members.

This award honours inspirational leaders who set an example for others to follow.


Diversity Initiative
of the Year

The Diversity Initiative of the Year Award recognizes a Not-for-Profit initiative that has engaged stakeholders, set goals, and produced significant, measurable results in empowering and engaging women while reducing discrimination and exclusion based on ethnicity, race, sex, or age.

Not-for-Profit of the Year

The Not-for-Profit of the Year Award recognizes organizations that support gender equality and address women's issues.

It is a vocal advocate for women's empowerment, and members have demonstrated influence in advancing women's rights and equity.


of the Year

The Mentorship Program of the Year Award recognizes a company that has made quantifiable efforts to promote and provide mentorship.

The qualifying company has formal, well-structured and documented mentoring program providing clear guidelines on how it operates, including expectations of both mentors and mentees. The mentorship program supports mentees with opportunities and connections.

The company and its leadership team have demonstrated a high level of commitment by participating in this program. The company and its leadership team support the program through communication throughout the year.

Women Support
Network of the Year

The Women Support Network of the Year award recognizes companies that have supported the women’s network within their company.

It recognizes companies whose senior leadership has invested itself in implementing such a network. The network has been funded and has provided women with coaching and mentoring opportunities. It has also provided women with a safe place to discuss broader issues that may impact their work life.

Women Empowerment Company of the Year

The Women Empowerment Company of the Year award recognizes a company that has made quantifiable efforts to empower and engage women while reducing discrimination and exclusion based on ethnicity, race, sex, or age.

The qualifying company has formal and documented processes for supporting positive change and measuring progress. It has a leadership team with individuals well-known for their advocacy work and has successfully engaged in at least two to three initiatives over the last two years.

The company takes a visible stance and has an explicit statement of support for Women Empowerment issues.

Diversity Initiative
of the Year

Diversity Initiative of the Year recognizes an initiative that has proven to positively promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

This award sets out to recognize a DEI program in its entirety.

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