Welcome to Women Leaders in Pharma.
We believe women are powerful.


When we think about leadership across industries, we often associate it with a lack of gender diversity.

Today’s pharmaceutical industry is beginning to break down this barrier because of groups like WLP.

With more than 300 empowered members, Women Leaders in Pharma is harnessing the
experiences, advice, and energy of brave, bold women leaders.


When WLP originated in Montreal in 2019, it was a small group of women determined to create a safe environment to share, connect, and truly empower one another. Since then, we’ve grown to over 300 members, primarily in the Toronto and Montreal areas. This network is working to expand exponentially to support likeminded women across Canada, as well as internationally, who are pushing boundaries to influence and inspire change in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you’re a woman with a role in, affiliation with, or passion for the pharmaceutical industry, please become a member.

We believe women across all levels of the pharmaceutical industry will continue to forge a path forward for future women to lead, support, and empower others.