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Montreal Chapter Events

"Unlock your potential – using the power of personal branding" 

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020: 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Open to all, Members $40 - Non-members $60

Location: 40 Westt, 2305 Trans-Canada Hwy, Pointe-Claire, H9R 5Z5 



Event objectives:  

  • Introduction to connections in 30 seconds and how to create an impactful statement

  • How to rebrand yourself

  • Networking opportunity


Guest speakers: 

"Elevate Your Brand, Advance Your Career: Resume and LinkedIn Optimization Webinar" 

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020: 12:00 to 1:30 pm

Open to Members only: $20

Location: online webinar, login details to be provided upon registration

  Event objectives:  

  • Do you want to be known for your expertise? Need help with marketing and promoting yourself effectively? Wondering what it takes to stand out? Then this webinar is for you! In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to proactively manage your career

  • How to tell an impressive career brand story                                  

  • How to create a marketable resume

  • How to develop an optimized and searchable LinkedIn profile

  • How to network to get work 


Guest speaker: 

  • Diana YK Chan, Career Coach, Speaker, Trainer at My Marketability

Diana YK Chan BW.png
Past Events... Thank you to all who came out and participated! 

"Introspection on Women Leaders in Pharma (let's get real) and 2020 Planning"

 Dec 18th 2019 (Members only)

Event objective details:

  • Cocktail and Networking

  • Guest speaker

  • 2020 WLP planning session

  • Guest Speakers

    • Dr. Steve Courmanopoulos PhD. (Psych), CEO at Medius International

​ "Becoming a Powerful Change Agent: what does it take?" 

November 6th, 2019 (Open to all)

  • Networking opportunity!

  • How to become a powerful agent of change in the pharma industry.

  • Discuss and interact with inspiring panellists

  • Guest Speakers

    • Milva D’Aronco (Founding and Executive Member at Women Leaders in Pharma & National Sales Director at Avir Pharma)

    • Claudia Drozdoski (Global Head of People & Culture at Medisca)

    • Sarah-Jessica d’Avirro (BComm Marketing Student & Marketing coordinator at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare)

​ "Leading Today: What does courage have to do with it"

 September 4th, 2019, (Open to all)

  • Networking opportunity.

  • Analyze how our decisions are often driven by our comfort zone.

  • Explore the benefits of taking risks.

  • Discuss and interact with inspiring panellists

  • Speakers and guest panellists:

    • ​Christine Poulin: General Manager, TEVA

    • Toni Rinow: General Manager, JUBLIANT

    • Stephanie Trotter: Executive Coach, GSK

"Coaching Event"

July 3rd, 2019, (Members only)

  • Coaching within small working group sessions to enable you to grow and evolve as leaders in the pharma industry.

  • Certified coaches have developed the coaching sessions for this unique event.

  • Guest coaches: ​Cloé Caron, Maria Perrotta, Anne Daviault, Milva D'Aronco, Annie Bourgault​​

"Work-Life Balance; Illusion or Revolution"

May 14th, 2019

  • Networking opportunity

  • Learn what "work-life balance" means for women leaders in pharma.

  • Tips on overcoming challenges.

  • Speakers and guest panellists:

    • ​Allison Rosenthal - General Manager; Otsuka

    • Patricia Gauthier - Business Unit Head; GSK

    • Ina Stefanova - Brand Manager; ViiV

​ "2019 Launch Event"

February 13th, 2019, (Open to all)

  • The official launch event of Women Leaders in Pharma

  • Networking​

  • Guest Speakers:  

    • Thea Discepola - VP, Legal Affairs & Country​​ General Counsel; Novartis

    • ​Ina Ionescu - Product Manager, Immuno-Oncology​​​​; ​Bristol-Myers Squibb

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