Registration for the WLP "Taste of Coaching” Initiative is now open! 


This opportunity is an EXCLUSIVE for WLP members who are curious about coaching. YOU CAN NOW experience what it’s like to work with a professionally trained coach!  Coaching is typically one of those "perks" that is reserved for the “higher levels” in an organization; at WLP we’re making it available to ALL members so everyone who is interested can benefit from it.


If you have been wondering if having a coach may be beneficial for you and your career, NOW is your chance to have access to coaching at special rates that are available to WLP members only.  All coaches have been trained through an International Coaching Federation (ICF)-accredited program, have worked in a corporate environment, and have been vetted through our own screening process.


We are thrilled that these amazing coaches have agreed to an INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNTED RATE!


But wait, there’s more! 


If you would like to work with a professionally trained coach who is in the process of completing their coaching hours to get further credentials from ICF, WE ARE OFFERING a FURTHER 50% discount!  Wow, that's a discount on top of the discount!


Still interested? 


Here's how it works:

  • Send an email to with the subject heading “I’m interested in having a coach!”

  • You will receive a link to a Coaching Intake Form where you can tell us more about what you’re hoping to gain from working with a coach.  This intake form will assist us in matching you with a coach. 

  • Once a Coaching Intake Form is received and reviewed, you will receive the bio of a few of our coaches.

  • You can then set up a free chemistry/sample session with each coach and choose the coach you wish to work with.

  • You must commit to a three-month engagement with your coach (to build momentum and start to see change).

  • Together with your coach, you will decide how often to meet (virtually) within the three month period.

  • After the three month period is completed, if you want to continue working with your coach, they will share their normal rates with you and you can decide how you wish to proceed.

We encourage you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to have access to trained professional coaches at affordable rates.



If you still have questions and want to speak with a member of our Coaching & Mentoring Committee, please email us:


Your WLP Coaching & Mentoring Committee

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